Rates are as follows:


(Rate includes plane, instructor, and training materials.)
$ 189 an hour
for the RV7-A Plus gas.
  • We start with full tanks and you fill them back up at the end of the lesson.
  • Keep in mind that the hourly rate is not just Hobbs. Ground school, preflight and post briefing are all part of your training.
  • You will find, from the description of my "one-on-one" training, that flying the aircraft is just one of several facets of my RV training.
"Chris is a wonderful instructor and really made my first flights go well."
-Mel B.
"I had a super time learning the specifics and subtleties of RV flight."
-Bob W.
"Really fun two days with Chris at Kono! Learned a ton about RV flying."
-Ray R.
"You can't spend better money than training for your RV flights with Chris at Let's Fly!"
-Kathy P.