Usually 4-6 weeks or so in summer, 2-3 weeks or so in winter (harder to predict weather), but lots of times I can just “fit” you into any given week, with not too much notice because I am self-employed. So just call and find out how my schedule looks.

You must have a PPL with at least 100 hours for me to recommend you. Recent flying experience is preferred – so get out there and fly a bit before coming to Boise, things will go better for you! Try to fly some of the basic maneuvers in the PTS with the same standards applicable, you’ll be surprised how much you have forgotten.

Logbook, medical cert (to qualify for PIC), picture ID, and PPL.
We’ll try to fly the entire program during your time here. Many people split their time into two days of training depending on their stamina, but generally we will fly the 4-5 hours (Both lessons) plus ground time before and after the flights. Many people want extra time, which can be arranged easily.
Lessons occasionally have to be re-scheduled because of weather. Normally, we have a pretty good idea of what will happen before you travel here weather-wise, but being flexible on your part will go a long way towards getting it done right for you! If you are traveling commercial air, you may want to consider Southwest into Boise, which has a credit program on their tickets (No change Fees).
Not set up for credit cards at this time. Checks accepted-but of course, CASH is king in these parts! It makes me happy! Also, the fuel is self-serve, with a credit card at any of the local airports.
"Chris is a wonderful instructor and really made my first flights go well."
-Mel B.
"I had a super time learning the specifics and subtleties of RV flight."
-Bob W.
"Really fun two days with Chris at Kono! Learned a ton about RV flying."
-Ray R.
"You can't spend better money than training for your RV flights with Chris at Let's Fly!"
-Kathy P.